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Meet Jameson Ellis

For Congress TX-2

Jameson Ellis is a seventh-generation Texan, small business owner, and political outsider. He’s committed to serving his community as a conservative advocate. Jameson ran for Congress in 2022 to fight back against the elite political class that has repeatedly shown their loyalty to unelected bureaucrats and special interests rather than their constituents. He comes from a long line of service-oriented family members and is a steadfast voice for the people of TX-2.

Jameson is determined to expose corruption and bring the fight back to Washington on behalf of his constituents. He’s committed to being your voice in Washington, D.C., and working tirelessly to uphold the values and principles that matter most to you.

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Legislative Priorities

Texas is Jameson’s priority. Your voice as a Texan, parent, business owner, or working-class American deserves to be heard and represented in D.C. Jameson will be your voice by fighting for term limits, single-subject bills, and ending the invasion along our southern border.

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Backed by prominent endorsements from Chad Prather, the Montgomery County Tea Party, Montgomery County Eagle Forum, Latinos for America First, and Texans for Vaccine Choice, Jameson Ellis is the definitive America First choice to challenge Dan Crenshaw for Texas’ Second Congressional District. His campaign is gaining momentum, resonating with voters who value principled, grassroots conservatism.

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