Jameson has made a name for himself amongst the highest ranks of Texan conservatives.

But he’s not one to simply accept any endorsement — no matter how distinguished, Jameson stands steadfast in his commitment to personal liberty. Don’t compromise on your principles – join him in rejecting traditional expectations and supporting what matters: you!

I refuse to be sold and traded on the market of power like some political commodity. Too many in government have already abused their influence, trading it back and forth for wealth they don’t deserve. This is why I won’t accept endorsements based solely on financial gain; my commitment to serving remains uncompromised.


seth keshel endorses jameson ellis

Seth Keshel

Former Army Captain, Military Intelligence, & Afghan Veteran, & Voter Fraud Analyst.

Chad Prather endorses jameson ellis

Chad Prather

Former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate & Conservative Commentator on Blaze TV.

Wendy Yokey endorses jameson ellis

Wendy & Tim Yokey

Vice-President of the Montgomery County Freedom Caucus

Gunther Eagleman endorsement of jameson ellis

Gunther Eagleman

Retired Police Officer & MAGA Political Commentator.

Aaron Slater endorsement of jameson ellis

Aaron Slater

Law Enforcement Veteran & CEO of Relentless Defender Apparel.

Kayla-Hensley-Grant-Kiley endorse jameson ellis

Kayla & Grant

Houston Regional Directors & Strategists for the Trump Campaign.

Aubrey endorses jameson ellis

Aubree Taylor

Founder of Taking Back Texas & Conservative Activist.

Jennifer-Kratky endorses Jameson ellis

Jennifer Kratky

Co-Director of True Texas Project NW Harris County.

True-Texas-Project endorses jameson ellis

True Texas Project

Montgomery-County-Freedom-Caucus endorses jameson ellis

Montgomery County Freedom Caucus

oil and gas workers association endorses jameson ellis

Oil & Gas Workers Association

Taking-Back-Texas endorses jameson ellis

Taking Back Texas

Katy-Christian-Magazine endorses jameson ellis

Katy Christian Magazine

Conservative-Republicans-of-Texas endorses jameson ellis

Conservative Republicans of Texas

FAIRTax endorses jameson ellis


US-Term-Limits endorses jameson ellis

U.S. Term Limits

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