Legislative Priorities

Restore Liberty, Reclaim America

Jameson’s Action Plan

Restoring Integrity and Accountability in Congress


Jameson prioritizes the enforcement of existing laws, ensuring that the legal system functions effectively and justly.


Jameson advocates for a streamlined government, focusing on the efficacy of current laws rather than creating new, expansive legislation.


The first step Jameson will take in Congress is to establish greater accountability, setting a precedent of transparency and responsibility before introducing new bills.

Economic Prosperity

Jameson Ellis believes in driving the economic prosperity of TX-2 through innovative tax reform and energy policies. By advocating for the FairTax and repealing the 16th Amendment, Jameson will fight for a fairer tax system, boosting local businesses and individual financial health throughout the district.

His commitment to harnessing American energy resonates deeply with constituents, promising job growth and energy affordability in a region pivotal to the nation’s energy sector.

These strategies are central to Jameson’s vision for a thriving, economically robust America without increasing tax burdens.

Secure The Border

Jameson Ellis is deeply concerned about the unprecedented influx of over 8 million illegal aliens since President Biden took office, viewing it as a glaring failure of the federal government to uphold its constitutional duty outlined in Article IV Section 4.

This surge directly threatens the safety and well-being of communities in East Montgomery County and NE Harris County, including New Caney and Huffman, TX. Jameson notes the challenges in Colony Ridge, Plum Grove, and the Colonias bordering Harris, Montgomery, and Liberty Counties.

To address this, Jameson proposes a comprehensive plan:

  • A moratorium on immigration to reassess and strengthen border policies.
  • A lockdown of ports of entry to prevent illegal crossings.
  • Discontinuation of welfare, healthcare, and benefits for illegal aliens, removing incentives for unlawful entry.
  • Ending the ‘catch and release’ policy to ensure that those who enter illegally are not allowed to remain in the country.
  • Deploying more boots on the ground to actively repel and prevent illegal border crossings.

Jameson emphasizes that these measures are crucial for restoring order, ensuring the safety of TX-2 constituents, and upholding the integrity of America’s borders.

Gun Rights

Jameson Ellis strongly supports the Second Amendment, recognizing its crucial role in the context of the American Revolution. Jameson understands that an armed populace was vital to securing America’s independence and protecting against government tyranny.

He emphasizes that the Second Amendment restricts the federal government, not citizens.

The issue of mass shootings, while grave, should not be politicized to erode gun rights. Jameson argues that addressing such tragedies falls within local and state jurisdiction, not federal.

He stresses the importance of adhering to the rule of law, noting that additional gun control laws, including red flag laws and regulations on ammunition or firearm licenses, are violations of the Second Amendment.

While advocating for gun training, Jameson believes in a free-market approach without making it mandatory, preserving citizens’ rights without unnecessary government intervention.

Medical Freedom

Jameson advocates for a healthcare system driven by free-market principles, opposing government-run healthcare. This principle stems from the belief that competition and consumer choice are crucial to improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare.

He also stands firm on medical liberty, particularly against forced vaccinations. Jameson argues that medical decisions are between individuals and their healthcare providers and should not mandated by the government.

This stance is rooted in a commitment to personal freedom and the belief that medical choice is a fundamental right for preserving individual autonomy and privacy.

Parental Rights

Jameson is a staunch advocate for unregulated school choice, emphasizing that funding should follow the child without government conditions.

This approach empowers parents to choose the best educational path for their children, ensuring educational liberty and diverse opportunities.

He upholds that while parents have the fundamental right to raise their children as they see fit, this does not extend to abusive practices or making irreversible decisions for the child like gender transitioning.

Jameson proposes abolishing the U.S. Department of Education to allow states and local communities to tailor education to their needs, enhancing diversity and innovation while eliminating federal overreach.

Military & Veterans

Jameson is deeply concerned about the impact of the woke agenda and DEI policies on military morale and recruitment. He believes that rewriting history and teaching anti-American sentiments diminishes patriotism, which is crucial for a strong military.

For veterans, Jameson recognizes the high rates of suicide and the inadequacies of the VA system. He advocates for removing red flag systems that unfairly target veterans and supports providing access to alternative treatments like neurofeedback therapy.

Ensuring that veterans’ rights and liberties are respected and protected is his top priority, particularly given their sacrifices.

Term Limits

Jameson advocates for implementing term limits in Congress through a Constitutional amendment. He believes this change is critical for preventing the long-term entrenchment of politicians and fostering a healthier democratic process.

Enacting term limits encourages fresh perspectives in legislative decision-making and curb the influence of career politicians.

This reform aims to enhance the effectiveness of Congress by ensuring continual renewal and responsiveness to the changing needs of the American people—Jameson views term limits as a step toward more dynamic and accountable governance.

Jameson has signed the Term Limits Pledge

Restore Accountability

Jameson’s commitment to restoring accountability in Congress includes a strong stance on outlawing members from owning and trading stocks while in office. He sees this as a crucial step in eliminating conflicts of interest and maintaining the integrity of legislative decisions.

By preventing members of Congress from engaging in stock transactions, Jameson aims to ensure that elected officials focus solely on the interests and welfare of their constituents rather than personal financial gain.

This policy is part of a broader effort to foster transparency and trust in government operations.

Additionally, Jameson supports repealing the 17th Amendment to return the appointment of U.S. Senators to the state legislatures.

Doing this would make senators more accountable to state interests, as interacting with state officials is more accessible for constituents than interacting with federal officials is.

Legislative Transparency

Jameson’s commitment to legislative transparency focuses on enacting single-subject bills in Congress. This approach ensures each bill addresses only one main issue, increasing clarity and accountability.

It benefits constituents in TX-2 and across America by making legislative processes more understandable and transparent, allowing citizens to track and engage with specific policies easily.

Single-subject bills also prevent the practice of ‘hidden’ riders or unrelated amendments, fostering honest and straightforward governance.

By advocating for legislative transparency, Jameson aims to enhance public trust and ensure that legislation genuinely reflects the will and needs of the people.

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