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Jameson Ellis is a proud seventh-generation Texan from Brady, TX, who now makes his home in Conroe.

His entrepreneurial spirit has led Jameson to establish two businesses—one, a design and digital marketing agency that elevates brands through innovative strategies, and another, Project Defiant, an initiative that fuels patriotism and supports our community heroes and local businesses.

Before embarking on his business ventures, Jameson honed his skills in the tech industry as a Linux tech support, sales and customer trainer, eventually becoming VP at a small software company. His passion for teaching continues as he delves into our country’s foundational documents. Jameson serves as a Constitution Coach with the Patriot Academy. These 12-week classes provide a practical understanding of our founding documents’ original intent.

Jameson’s political journey is a testament to resilience and determination. It began in 2022 with a run for Congress, fueled by a deep commitment to the values of liberty and justice. Despite the challenges, he sought to uphold the principles our founding fathers cherished. In 2024, he ran for Congress again, coming within 9% of beating the incumbent, Dan Crenshaw, with less than $30k. Now, Jameson is preparing for another run in 2026, unwavering in his pledge to uphold these principles.

When he’s not immersed in his work, Jameson is a true sci-fi enthusiast, particularly drawn to the Star Trek universe. He finds joy in unraveling the mysteries of the unexplained. Jameson also cherishes simple pleasures like gathering around a campfire with friends, enjoying a cold beer and a good cigar, and celebrating the essence of life’s quieter moments.

Jameson’s unwavering dedication to community service is a cornerstone of his life. From creative directing for Bridge The Blue to delivering necessities to Houston’s homeless, he tirelessly strives to make a positive impact. His podcast, ‘Jameson On Tap,’ and public speaking engagements are not just platforms for sparking meaningful conversations, but also for inspiring action.

Inspiration, rather than fleeting motivation, drives Jameson. His faith in Jesus Christ and a profound belief in something greater than ourselves guides his path forward. He invites you to join him on a journey of dialogue and discovery as we strive to restore liberty and reclaim America.

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