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Jameson Ellis is a seventh-generation Texan, public speaker, political outsider, and Constitutional Conservative who owns his own small business as a brand designer. He helps other small companies develop a unique and recognizable visual style.

He and his wife started Project Defiant, which hosts events to build Texas communities. They focus on driving liberty, supporting veterans, and advocating for local businesses in Texas.

Jameson’s faith in Jesus Christ has given him the grace and perspective to learn from the pain of his past and use it to serve a purpose.

As a lifelong Texan and a resident of Conroe, Jameson comes from a first responder and military family. Therefore, he has witnessed first-hand the hardships and sacrifices of those who serve and protect.

Many have labeled Jameson a maverick because a profound sense of defiance drives him. He goes against the grain to be a voice for everyday Texans who feel they’re not being heard. He aims to represent those sick and tired of feeling like political pawns stuck in a sick game.

Jameson ran against Dan Crenshaw in the 2022 Texas Republican primaries. Despite having only three months to campaign due to redistricting, Jameson’s campaign took almost 20% of Dan Crenshaw’s primary votes after raising only $45k.

After running for U.S. Congress, Jameson became a certified Constitution Coach with the Patriot Academy. He has made it his mission to raise up other Constitution Coaches to engage and activate the unengaged and unactivated.

The Founding Fathers of the United States all pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the cause of liberty.

Jameson has committed to doing the same, no matter the expediency or cost.

Jameson fights for you,
not the unelected bureaucrats
and special interests

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