Energy Independence

Why We Must Fight For Energy Independence

When you hear people talk about “clean energy,” they’re referring to a code word to mean less coal, fewer fossil fuels, and less nuclear. But eliminating these sources does not work… and all we have to do is look at Europe, which has dramatically decreased the production of these energy sources.

For example, Germany drastically eliminated coal and nuclear over a few years. Now, they are almost entirely dependent on Russian oil and natural gas.

And ultimately, this is what the “green” movement is about… American dependence on foreign supply.

It is an all-out assault on our independence and sovereignty as a nation.

Climate Change is a Hoax

Before climate change was cool, global warming was… well, hot. But Dr. Willie Soon from Harvard challenged the mainstream narrative that carbon emissions caused global warming. With documented evidence, he absolutely annihilated the global warming narrative.

That’s when they chose to instead call it what we now know it to be today: climate change.

The energy “crisis” is one of many things that the enemies of America use for The Great Reset. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with what that is. In that case, we highly recommend you check out Jameson’s resources page and look for the heading, World Economic Forum.

The fact is, our enemies want us to be weak…

Iran, China, and Russia have infiltrated our subsystems. They’re buying up land and making the electronics and microchips found in much of what we use here in America.

Battery packs made in China are being shipped to windmill farms here in Texas and assembled by Russian engineers.

These are vulnerabilities that have been allowed (or intentionally overlooked) by our government to be exploited by our enemies.

These are systems that, unfortunately, Americans depend on every day. And it’s pretty infuriating because they’re taking our tax dollars and giving them to the Chinese and Russians to build these systems.

Think about this: we shouldn’t be forced to depend on these systems…

But thanks to the climate change hoax, we’re being forced to.

The longer this goes on, the more vulnerable we become to a hostile takeover.

End the Subsidies for Wind & Solar

Subsidies are corporate welfare. That’s where the government takes money from a good source and gives that money to a less profitable source. We need to end the subsidies to wind and solar.

If those energy sources were viable, those companies wouldn’t need subsidies because the public would pay for them out of their pockets.

In 2015, George Gibbs, Chair in Political Economy, Veronique de Rugy, testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, a subcommittee on Energy. In her testimony, she cites three compelling reasons why subsidies are the problem, not the solution, for innovation in energy.

  1. Government lacks the incentives to manage funds that private investors have.
  2. Giving subsidies to some businesses puts other businesses that do not receive such subsidies at a disadvantage, distorting investment and other economic activity.
  3. The existence of government subsidies increases the incentive to lobby and the power of special interests.


Government Lacks the Proper Incentives

Elected officials and unelected bureaucrats do not possess the knowledge or skills to innovate. They also are not rewarded when they genuinely serve the market. On the flip side, neither are they punished when unnecessary risks are taken, or they fail to minimize costs.

The decisions of entrepreneurs and business owners are guided by price signals, value, and cost. However, the government has no way of accounting for these things.

And when the government fails, taxpayers lose.


Subsidies Distort Economic Activity

Establishment politicos tend to argue that subsidies are needed to fix flaws in the market: i.e., oil price spikes. These flaws are short-term issues that will correct themselves if given the opportunity. After all, that’s the beauty of a free-market system.

When big government intervenes, two things happen:

  1. Companies that receive subsidies are given an unfair advantage over those that don’t.
  2. Power is stripped from the people to choose winners and losers and left up to the government.


Corrupting Influence of Special Interests

When “free” government money is up for grabs, bureaucracies and special interests are incentivized to line their pockets. What is insidious about the entire thing is that they pretend to be working for the public’s interests. But establishment politicians don’t care about innovation or the market… they’re interested in maintaining power, being reelected, and their self-interests.

Energy independence would mean splitting up this unhealthy and corrupt relationship between commercial interests and the government.

Veronique so eloquently said, “The more the government has intervened in energy markets, the more lobbying activity has been generated. The more subsidies that it hands out to businesses, the more pressure policymakers face to keep the federal spigot flowing. As the number of lobbyists grow, more economic decisions are made on the basis of politics, and more resources are misallocated. And the door opens to cronyism and corruption.

As Americans, we have a moral obligation and responsibility to elect America First patriots to fight to end the subsidies and obtain total energy independence.

Jameson is proud to stand behind the oil and gas companies that fuel our economy and the cause for liberty. He will stand up to oil-hating globalists and moderate Republican cronies that care more about lining their pockets than they do the hardworking American people.

He is also honored to receive the endorsement of the Oil & Gas Workers Association.

“You cannot subsidize irresponsibility and expect people to become more responsible.”


-Thomas Sowell

Check out the video below and watch Dr. Willie Soon annihilate the climate change hoax. 

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