Gun Rights

Guns: Rights or Privileges

Jameson is an ardent supporter of gun rights because, Constitutionally, the second amendment isn’t a privilege but recognizes individuals’ inherent right to bear arms.

Although gun access may be used as a privilege in some states and specific gun ownership laws restrict citizens, Jameson believes that, according to the Constitution, the restriction should be placed on the government.

The difference between gun ownership rights and ownership privileges is clear – while privileges are granted after birth and can be revoked at any time, gun rights are irrevocable entitlements that should remain with every citizen from conception.

Red Flag LAws

Red Flag Laws are an alarming way for the government to remove your firearms, even if there’s no evidence of wrongdoing.

Imagine it: innocently disagreeing with your neighbor and momentarily getting a knock on your door from law enforcement, who can now forcibly seize some – or all – of your guns!

It sounds like something that would only happen in the movies.

Tom Cruise’s Minority Report may be sci-fi, but unfortunately, Red Flag laws are not. These unconstitutional violations of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 15th Amendments threaten our freedom to defend ourselves from harm.

In the FY22 National Defense Authorization Act, Dan Crenshaw moved to implement unconstitutional ‘red flag’ laws on military personnel – a massive overreach of sound judgment and an apparent violation of fundamental, unalienable rights. But thankfully, the will of those seeking to take away our basic freedoms was thwarted. Jameson is here to inform you that your right to protect yourself is sacred, and he won’t stand for anyone trying to oppose it.

The government should never be allowed to infringe upon your God-given unalienable rights… We must remain vigilant against tyrants seeking absolute power!

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