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Supporting Our Military and Veterans

Woke culture is weakening our military and stripping them of their liberties.

Jameson fully supports H.R. 4668: Restoring Military Focus Act, introduced by Congressman Chip Roy.

While he respects the military service of his opponent, Jameson does not believe Dan Crenshaw has shown his fellow servicemen and servicewomen the support they deserve.

In June 2021, Crenshaw was allowed to vote to pass legislation that would repeal the authorization for using military force against Iraq… unfortunately, he did not vote for it.

Only a few months later, in June 2021, Crenshaw voted for the NDAA 2022, which contained legislation requiring women to sign up for the draft and red flag laws on military members.

Additionally, it was disappointing to learn that in July 2022, Dan Crenshaw voted to pass an $817 billion Defense spending bill without defunding military vaccine mandates (FY23 National Defense Authorization Act).

Thankfully, in December 2022, legislation was passed to lift Covid vaccine mandates from the military.

Jameson believes one of the ways we can support our military is to ensure they enjoy the freedoms and liberties they’re putting their lives on the line for.

Furthermore, we should be exhausting every alternative to war possible to prevent unnecessarily risking the lives of our servicemen and women.

And upon retirement, our veterans should have the reasonable care they require, including access to alternative treatments such as neurofeedback therapy.

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