Voter Confidence

Voter Confidence For The Future

In response to the 2020 Election’s irregularities, Jameson is fearlessly fighting for your voice and vote – by championing Blockchain voting systems. In place of traditional processes that have proven vulnerable in recent years, these futuristic voting platforms will utilize encryption plus a complex set of mathematical equations locking in your vote – enabling full traceability and transparency, all while safeguarding privacy with unshakeable integrity.

Although Jameson believes blockchain voting is the most reliable way to handle ballots, it could be an uphill battle trying to get all U.S. states – especially those resistant to change – on board with this innovative wave of rebellion against outdated election systems.

Voter Confidence For Today

Jameson stands unwavering with Captain Seth Keshel in pushing an agenda of radical electoral reform – it’s time to put power back into the people and restore faith in our elections! With careful planning, their common-sense plan promises secure elections that give everyone a fair chance at having a voice.

1. Clean out the Voter Rolls.

2. Ban All Electronic Elections Equipment.

3. Voter ID with Paper Ballots Only.

4. Ban Mail-In Voting.

5. Ban Early Voting.

6. Drastically Smaller Precincts.

7. Ban Ballot Harvesting.

8. Election Day is a Holiday.

9. New Reporting Requirements for Transparency.

10. Heavy Prison Sentences for all Who Commit Election Fraud.

Jameson is fired up to have the support of Seth Keshel! Follow Seth’s analysis in the video below as he dives into the election patterns leading up to 2020.

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